Clean Mouth

July 12, 2017
A Different Perspective with Berni Dymet

Clean Hands

julio 13, 2017

What we do says so much about who we are. We can do things – selfishly or selflessly. We can stab people in the back, or give them a helping hand. In fact it’s what we say and do that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Join Berni Dymet – as he takes a look at life, from a different perspective.

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Acerca de A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective is a daily 10 minute program that is aired on over 1,350 radio stations around the globe.

We all deal with issues in life – we laugh, we cry, we go through struggles, we have triumphs and losses, we have stresses and strains in our relationships. That’s life. Join Berni Dymet each day as he takes a practical look at the real issues in your life, from A Different Perspective. God’s perspective.

Acerca de Berni Dymet

Berni’s Bible teaching on radio and television is heard and seen by millions of people each week around the globe.

This former army officer and successful international IT consultant came to faith later in life when he was close to the point of suicide. He has never forgotten what it’s like to feel a million miles away from God.

His passion is to open God’s Word to share how close God really is through Jesus Christ.

Berni’s teaching is powerful, passionate and practical. His heart is to help you draw ever closer to God, so that you can experience for yourself the joy, the peace, the power and the victory that God has ready and waiting for you.

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