A Different Perspective with Berni Dymet

Resurrection Power

diciembre 5, 2016

Too may Christians, in fact, way too many Christians, are living lives that fall so far short of the life that Jesus promised. When Jesus promised power, they instead end up living a powerless life. I wonder if you know anyone like that.

Join Berni, as he takes a look at the power that God has already given you, from a different perspective.

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Acerca de A Different Perspective

Let's face it – life has its ups and downs. And sometimes, we're so busy just getting from one day to the next, we find ourselves in a rut. Why don't you come and join Berni Dymet for just 10 minutes, as he takes a fresh new look at life, from a different perspective

Acerca de Berni Dymet

My passion is just to spend some time with you in God's Word.

I sacrificed 25 years of my life to an international career in the corporate world. But no matter how successful I became….I always felt so empty inside.

Then, during a tough time in my life, I encountered Jesus Christ. What astounded me was that as He spoke His Word into my heart, He transformed my life – Christianity actually worked! I was full of a joy unspeakable. And it's been like that ever since – during the good times and the bad.

So, why don't you come and spend some time with me….in His Word.


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