The Coming of the Lord

February 11, 2017
Watchman Radio Hour with Alex Dodson

The Dishonoring of Marriage

febrero 18, 2017

Where is our society headed? Whenever a society forsakes the moral law of God, it sets itself up for judgment. Even now warning judgments are falling on this land even if we don't recognize them as such. That does not take away the fact that God is not silent. We are living in perilous times. Our nation is tottering on the brink of great judgment because of our national sins and we go on as if things will continue this way forever. If God does not send revival to this nation, the nation will not endure. Today we are dishonoring marriage at an alarming rate. Marriage is an institution of God. When we dishonor marriage as God intended we are dishonoring God. Any nation that dishonors God cannot expect His blessing.

References: Mark 10:6-9

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Alex Dodson serves as president of Watchmen Radio Ministries International and as a staff evangelist. He has been in the gospel ministry for over thirty years. He was ordained in 1974 and has served as both a pastor and evangelist. He is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary and is presently a member of International Ministerial Fellowship. He has also done postgraduate studies at the School of World Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary. He and his wife Susan live in Portland, Oregon in the beautiful Northwest.

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